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For IMUGI, Kyle Pak draws from the Korean mythology of the “imugi,” a large serpent, that endures a long journey to capture “yeouiju,” a mystical orb, in order to transform into “yong,” a dragon. This myth is why many Korean depictions of dragons have orbs in their mouths. In collaboration with graphic designer Paul Um, Pak also recalls the visual language of East Asian tattoo subcultures, that ornamentalizes bold, colorful “yong” imagery on the body in the shape of a vest or jacket. The design of IMUGI remixes this still stigmatized tattoo iconography of “yong” with serene and mountainous landscapes and flowers of home, holding true the mythological lessons of the dragon: power, virtue, and patience. For Pak, IMUGI is a wish for all of us in this journey of transformation into becoming.


Kyle Jungho Pak (박정호) is a second-generation Korean-American fashion designer and filmmaker, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Pak created his fashion label HOMME BOY in 2013 after visiting Korea and Japan, responding to a lack of brands embracing Korean independent youth culture, music, fashion, and art in diaspora. As of 2023, HOMME BOY is in its 10th year. Over the years, Kyle Pak’s creative practice expanded, including collaborations with the community of LTTT (Little Tokyo Table Tennis) and screenwriting.


HOMME BOY is a contemporary menswear brand that is geared toward the clashing of cultures, finding inspiration in music, film, and more recently, table tennis. Never just for men, and now more than ever, community-based with a more whimsical approach to design. HOMME BOY is a continuous art project and a platform for collaboration, curated for friends.



  • Stretch polyester long-sleeve

  • Cut and sew, sublimation print

  • Sweat-absorbent, quick-drying fabric

  • Graphene-poly tech

  • Made in USA


Fabric Composition: 

  • 60% Polyester / 30% Graphene / 10% Spandex



  • True to size men's long-sleeve athletic fit

  • XS - XL

  • Jeenew is 5’2 and wears a size XS

  • Jon is 5’7 and wears a size M



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