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Yellow Study (for GYOPO), 2022  

Lithographic print on Somerset paper 

27 x 19  inches 

Edition of 50



“We perceive color in the context with other colors in its environment. In this way, our experience of color is always in resonance with its neighboring colors. ” - Yunhee Min


Produced exclusively for GYOPO, on offer is Yunhee Min’s first foray into lithography titled Yellow Study (for GYOPO). Min’s work explores color and techniques of making, both in terms of pictorial conventions and material processes, to generate unexpected outcomes and spatial effects. 

Lithography, one of the earliest forms of printmaking, was selected by the artist to render the nuances of mark making and permutations of compositions in the color yellow. Available as an edition of 50, each monoprint features two distinct color plates in a range of yellows, generating what the artist describes as “a sense of simultaneous vibrations and relationships.” In effect, each print is a unique impression: surfaces with gauze-like layers rendered in varied yellow tones, resulting in optical vibrations. Yellow Study (for GYOPO) is a meditation on the brilliance of yellow reimagining the experience of color as a bodily phenomenon evoking a full range of emotions including warmth, joy and excitement. 




Los Angeles-based artist Yunhee Min (b. Seoul, 1962) received her Masters in Design Studies from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Recent site-specific installations and architectural interventions include “Up Close in Distance (bars, flags, pools)” at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; "Red Carpet in C," a collaboration with architect Peter Tolkin at the University of California, Riverside, Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside, CA; “Luminaire Delirium (Equitable Life or soft machine) ”Los Angeles, CA. Min is a Professor of Art at the University of CA Riverside and is a current Guggenheim Fellow (2022).

YUNHEE MIN: Yellow Study (for GYOPO)

  • Artwork is sold unframed.

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